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Maggie Lee Henson was a vibrant 12-year-old girl who loved The Lord as well as the stage. She would often make Jinny pull over to buy a hamburger if she saw a homeless person and gave some of her own Christmas money to the families' World Vision Child in India.

Tragically, on the way to youth camp, the bus transporting the First Baptist Youth Group had a tire blow out and Maggie Lee sustained a traumatic brain injury. Care Flighted to Batson's Children Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, Maggie Lee fought for her life for three heartwenching weeks, finally dying on August 2, 2009.

Because Maggie Lee was such a generous young lady, The Hensons chose organ donation and 4 other people were given the chance at life which she ultimately was denied.

By August 2, Maggie Lee had over 250,000 hits to her CaringBridge website. People the world over had prayed for God to spare the life of this little girl. When a friend volunteered to do a good deed on October 29th, what would've been Maggie Lee's 13th birthday, Jinny started a facebook group and website called Maggie Lee For Good.

"Maggie Lee and John went to New York with her school group last Fall and she fell in love with the Musical, "Wicked." She used to wander around the house singing, "I have been changed for the better....I have been changed for GOOD." Her voice coach, Leah Sayad, sang that song beautifully at her Celebration of Life Service which was simulcast on the internet to an audience of over 4,000."

On Maggie Lee For Good Day, over 18,000 people signed up to perform one good deed in memory of Maggie Lee's spirit of Kindness. Thousands upon thousands of "Maggie Lees," were done on that day and still continue to this day. Please visit www.maggieleeforgood.org to register, as it will be an annual event.

Jinny took a hiatus from performing comedy but is now accepting engagements on a limited basis beginning in March, 2010. She has a remarkable perspective on life and an inspiring story of God's sustaining grace in the worst of times.